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Sheep - Dream meaning and symbolism


Main symbolic meaning

Sheep - Lamb

Dream meaning

White sheep

White sheep, with its snowy fleece, is a symbol for obedient and non-conflicting behaviour. If you dream about white sheep, it usually means that your life is influenced by passive and quiet attitude. Be careful and try to think about who the white sheep is (whom it symbolizes)? Is it a symbol for your own personal features? Is it rather someone else? Is the meaning accepted or rejected? Do not forget to take into account all alternative meanings such as regeneration, spiritual purity or even material wealth in rural areas.

Black sheep

Black sheep is an obvious counterpart of the prevailing white sheep. The meaning of black sheep is therefore: an exception or some striking abnormality. If you dream about black sheep, maybe you or someone else wants to step out of the crowd (to be a true nonconformist or an eccentric person). But, only in the case, your dream is accompanied by pleasant feeling. On the other hand, if you are afraid of the blackness of the sheep, it simply means, you do not welcome strange and different features in your life. The black sheep may symbolize a rare talent, your family situation, social status, illness or disability.

Newborn sheep (Lamb)

Lamb is the symbol for new beginning. If you dream about lamb, it means there is a creative and healing potential at your disposal. Try to use it wisely. Lamb is the symbol for innocence as well. To dream about lamb means metaphorically to wish achieving innocence and spiritual purification.

Horned sheep (Ram)

Ram is one from the zodiac symbols called Aries (more). Dream about ram means facing a stubborn, passionate and courageous will (battle of hierarchy).

Dead sheep

It is the “end of the road”. You have to start again, to find new way or new starting point (reset). Read more about death. Consider also that the dead sheep may symbolize the end of your submission, quietness and obedience. The dream meaning may well sound: the end of some unwanted personal features and characteristics.

Sheep - Ram

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Highland Sheep by Charles A. Watson
Highland Sheep by Charles A. Watson (1857-1923)

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Fictional sheep (Wiki)
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