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Plane (aircraft) - Dream meaning and symbolism

Plane (aircraft)

Main symbolic meaning

The symbolic meaning of an air-plane is closely bound to the essence of a car, but the main difference is that the air-plane is able ascend to heaven. Dreams about flying, floating or levitating are in general symbolical for high aims, spiritual aspiration and sexual arousal. When you are dreaming about flying with a plane, you have to take into account the modern, technical and complex aspects of every aircraft. Thus aircrafts are very "human" in its essence; they are "artificial" inventions – unlike horses that represent natural means of transportation.

The question is obvious: why don't you spread your wings like a bird? Simply you can't, because you are human. That is the reason why we dream about planes as artificial means of flying (one from the highest achievement of the human technical endeavour)

Plane: Fantomas flying car
Fantomas (French movie): flying car

Pilot / Passenger

Are you a passenger or a pilot? It always matters who is in charge of the aircraft, who controls it and who is therefore responsible for the flight. The meaning of being the pilot is the rational control. If you are not the pilot, it means you don't have your fantasy, arousal or invention in your own hands and under proper control – you are just a (passive) passenger in a story, that others manage for you. Thus the air-plane may be a symbol for a project and life path with high ambitions or achievement, dynamism, using modern technical means, and accompanied by lofty thoughts.


Dreaming about landing often means your target is (or will be) completed. The circumstances of the landing are symbolical for how successful and enjoyable such finish really is (or may be). Dreams where the airplane is landing means that feet of all passengers will touch the ground again – more stable and solid foundations in life are approaching.

Taking off

Dreaming about taking off is typical for the beginning of new project, venture, fantasy or romance.  Feet of the pilot and passengers are leaving the "mother earth". You are losing the solid ground.


Having a ticket is often a necessary condition for entering a plane, unless of course you travel in a private jet. When you dream about losing the ticket, it may simply mean that you see obstacles, that hinder or make impossible to enjoy your spiritual mission, your inventiveness or your bold plans.

Falling air-plane (crash, collision)

Are you in a falling plane? Or are you just witnessing the crash of an aircraft from the distance? Your character may be important for understanding your proper role in your dream as well as in the real life. The meaning is derived from understanding, how much are you involved in the crash (directly, indirectly or by no means). The dream is like a mirror showing you what you feel and how you experience the reality.

Other characteristics of the plane and flight

You should pay attention to all details of the plane and characteristics of the flight in your dream. Do you dream about a combat aircraft, a fighter plane, a jumbo jet or just of a light aircraft? It may be symbolical for the type of your "mission" in your real life? (Military plane meaning very stressful offensive tasks, passenger plane meaning common secular efforts ...). Is the plane manoeuvring heavily or flying directly and peacefully? (Meaning it is easy to direct and communicate with other members involved in your effort ...). Is the plane overloaded with cargo or baggage? (Meaning to bear heavy burdens while solving the task ...). Is the plane flying at low altitude, in fog or with low fuel? (Meaning the circumstances are unfavourable, unclear or you don't have enough energy ...).

Plane: aerobatic aircraft
Plane: Fighter jet


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