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Car (automobile) - Dream meaning and symbolism

Car (automobile)

Main symbolic meaning

To grasp properly the symbolic meaning of cars in our dreams, it is necessary to distinguish the essence of a car from the essence of a train, a horse, a bike or a plain; simply from other means of transport. Cars are cold and technical – a horse is warm, natural and living. A car is artificial, cold and inactive. A car (like a train or a bike) is made from steel, aluminium and modern light composite materials. Now the symbolic meaning:

Driving a car

As mentioned above, if you dream about driving a car, the symbolic meaning is oriented to your social status and to your ability to control your life effectively. Thus, it is important to find out more about the condition of the vehicle. A poor technical shape or very cheap model means that you are not using very efficient means to solve your daily tasks, or that you consider your current material situation as unsatisfactory, or maybe shameful. And conversely, if you have pleasant feelings from a fast ride in a luxury big car, probably your dreams want to "inject" a powerful motivation in your unconscious mind. Dreaming about superb car may often mean just fulfilling the wish to be rich and proud person.

Some else is driving the car

From the symbolic perspective it is absolutely crucial to know who is driving the car.

Car accident or car crash

If you dream about being hit by a car, you probably fear of a collision with someone's bold plans. The meaning is often obvious: the stronger and socially better placed person may be dangerous (fast, heavy car)  if you are crossing his / her intentions. On the other hand, even if it sounds strange, sometimes being hit by a car is just "a look into mirror" where you see an inner desperate conflict (car crash) – one of your own desires is contradictory, powerful and aggressive; so much it can even destroy your whole life (dying in a car accident). In a deadly accident, the meaning of your dream is symbolically the form of a failed inner dialogue.

Car chase, speeding

Who is winning the chase? Is the chase unpleasantly dangerous or just fabulously thrilling? The meaning of a dream full of speed, adrenaline and squealing tires depends on circumstances. There are two possible extremes:

New car

The meaning of a brand new car may be: new energy, new task, new ideas on how to explore distant horizons of life; or a hope of better tomorrow, higher social status or promotion.


Do you dream about a car on fire? Is your car burning? It means you are afraid of losing power and potential for effective solution, maybe your wealth or career is endangered. But to dream about burning car can be also a spiritual catalyst – destroying material wealth and concentrate on pure mental energy and religious life.

Get lost while driving a car

GPS navigation is a very helpful tool while driving. If you get lost in your dream it means you want to find out who you really are. Maybe you're experiencing a period of confusion in your waking life. To be lost with your car means your inner will appreciates the ability to look for the new path of life (to find yourself).

Autonomous car (self-driving car)

Autonomous (self-driving) cars are symbolically connected to artificial intelligence and prestigious futuristic tomorrows. It is therefore necessary to decide, if you are only longing to have such autonomous car so much, that this wish enters even your dreams – or, if such self-driving car is rather symbolic for the inhuman forces and alienation (Do you feel like a robot at work? Are you afraid that your life is just rational and mechanical vehicle where is no place for human intentions, warmth and sensitivity? etc.)

Driving a Car


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