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Hair - Dream meaning and symbolism

Woman: pink hair

Main symbolic meaning

Individuality and conformity

Your hairstyle is one from the most visible symbols of your social inclusion or rejection. You can have a common and very conservative hairstyle to support your conformity and solidarity. But with loud colour and eccentric cut (punk, metalhead, hippie) you can signal your individual approach or rebellion. Thus, the symbolic meaning of your hair is related to the aim to shock others or, in the opposite way, to stay inconspicuous and invisible in the crowd.

Material and spiritual life

Beautiful hair is very important for supporting your sex-appeal; especially for women. To voluntary give up such physical "advantage" (cut your hair short or shave your head completely) is symbolic for shifting the focus from material to spiritual qualities; from body and material life to your soul and belief. To dream about cutting your hair short or shaving your head bald means to give up bodily pleasures and concentrate on your inner spiritual life (as monks or hermits do).


Cutting your hair or changing your hairstyle notably, whether in a dream or in waking life, may signalize some spiritual transformation. Old hair is removed as an uncomfortable witness of your personal history. When you dream about cutting your hair it often means that you want to prepare yourself for a new chapter of your life; or to get new identity (remember that in spy and crime movies people often change colour and haircut to hide their true identity).

Health and illness

Losing your hair is often a sign of poor health; people receiving chemical therapy usually loose hair. On the other hand, strong and long hair are symbolic for fertility and indicate healthy body. Therefore hair may play important part in the process of seduction.

(Self)punishment / submission

Criminals often have short hair. It is practical and hygienic (no lice). Skinheads are shaving hair off because this way its more useful in a combat (less vulnerable than with long hair). To cut someone's hair means a punishment and weakening his / her power: myth of Samson or the practice of scalping (Indian).

Veneration and personal history

Hair is always a part of its original carrier, and people sometimes venerate them as saint relicts or use in voodoo (surrogate of its owner). Hair symbolically carry the history of the person and are sometimes interchangeable with him or her (in your hair is the same DNA information as in your bones or muscles).

Sandro Botticelli: The Birth of Venus (detail)
Sandro Botticelli: The Birth of Venus (detail)
Godfrey Kneller: Admiral Sir Stafford Fairborne (detail)
Godfrey Kneller: Admiral Sir Stafford Fairborne (detail)

Dream meaning

Hair falling out / hair loss

To dream about hair loss may have different meanings. Is your hair falling out unexpectedly or is the cause obvious in your dream? In general: a hair loss is symbolic for your weakening body (illness) or sidelining the material nature in your life (new spiritual path). Often the dream wants to highlight the need to concentrate on inner intangible space (soul). When your hair is falling out in clumps it may be similar process to a transformation: "caterpillar – chrysalis – butterfly". When you lose your hair in a dream, it may mean you secretly wish to execute a profound change of your identity (completely rebuild your life, burn the bridges to the past ...), but you don't have the power yet to act on your own.

Cutting your hair / dyeing hair with a colour

In comparison to the hair loss (above) cutting and dyeing your hair is a planned and controlled activity. Usually you know, what is the intended result. To dream about cutting or colouring your hair means, you would like to shape and evolve your personality. You want to change your present features to more suitable ones (be more masculine, feminine, sexy, respectable, trustworthy, feared etc.)

Conceal (hide) your hair

Many cultures require strict rules, how to handle your hair in public. Especially women should not provoke in some East / Asian cultures. To avoid sexual arousal you can dream about wearing a scarf, a hood etc. The meaning is simply to suppress your gender or charming features (identity).

Grey hair

dream about grey hair means to achieve authority, wisdom and maturity. At the same time, grey hair is a natural part of old age, when your experience gains more power than your physical strength.

Hair on fire

If your hair is on fire it means that a very dangerous, painful and fast process of transformation is in your mind. Try to think what could be the initial "spark" that ignites the fire. Try to slow or extinguish the flames and change things in slower and convenient pace.

Hairbrush (combing hair)

dream about combing your hair may be symbolic for resolving problems (sorting your messy ideas like solving problems with tangled hair). Combing your hair is often pleasant, but if someone else is holding the comb in a dream, he or she may try to steal your memory or thoughts.

Antinous Mondragone (Louvre)
Antinous Mondragone (Louvre)
Camille Corot: Monk Reading Book
Camille Corot: Monk Reading Book

Cultural meaning of hair


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