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Cat - Dream meaning and symbolism

Franz Marc, Cat

Main symbolic meaning

The symbolism of a cat varies widely from a good sign to a beast of evil omen (allegedly cats were capable of killing women assuming their appearance etc). We may call a beautiful woman a “cat”, but a cat is also the favorite pet of a witch or of a cat lady.

Louis Wain, The bachelor party (Cats at the table)

Dream meaning

Cat attacking

Different kinds of attack (cat biting your hand, cat scratching your face with claws …) often means you feel threatened by a woman in waking life. Maybe you are jealous of a rival in love or you are anxious because of a tough competition where a particular woman is involved. The cat in your dream may also symbolize a general feminine element and the fact, that you are not in harmony with your own femininity

Cat eating food

Dreaming about a cat eating food means the cunning, free-spirited and fertile element is gaining strength in your life. Is it you, who is giving the food to a cat? Maybe you also feed your own femininity to be a real “cat” in the waking life. Cat eating fish may also carry another special spiritual meaning, because fish is a symbol that was widely used by early Christians as a secret sign. 

Cat’s poop

To see excrements of a cat means that your dream wants to draw your attention to the negative aspects that accompany all the main symbolic meanings mentioned above. Think about important details such as: Is it your cat (your femininity)? Do you have to clean up the mess? It's poop in the wrong place? …

Cat giving birth

Obviously your “inner” cat is a symbol of femininity, fertility and creative forces. You are now witnessing the rise of these forces and all the accompanying meanings.

Dead cat

In contrast, a dying, sick or dead cat in your dream means that you see your (or someone else's) femininity, cunningness or free spirited nature disappear or weaken.

Cat running away

The meaning may be similar to a dead cat, but keep in mind that a cat that ran away, can return very quickly!

yawning cat

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