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What My Dream Means?

"Search your Dream in the Dictionary" above includes the search in large databases of web sites focused on dream interpretations. Thus, the result shows a wide variety of dream symbols by different authors and their views on what various dream symbols mean. This option will serve as an on-line dream dictionary full of inspiration and guidance for your dream interpretation.

The world of dreams is mysterious and fascinating. I hope that my website will help you to understand your dreams better. My goal is to help you find the key to interpreting the meaning of dreams. When you will understand your own dreams, you will get a clearer and impartial look at your personal relationships, your feelings and you will get better understanding of the basic questions of life also.

Keep in mind that your dreams are unique. Everyone has different backgrounds, experience and in the same situations people may not have the same feelings. Your dreams therefore represent a unique reality which requires interpretation according to your specific personal life. When you will understand your own dreams, you will get new means of self-reflection that will give you insight into your inner self.

Try to understand “what your dream means” – have fun, discover, explore and learn what is hidden in your dreams!

Good luck and sweet dreams


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